Different Types of Bicycle Helmets? [Buyer’s Guide]

A good sport helmet is important if you propose to travel for a ride. it's become commonplace on each road bikes and mountain bikes, and even town bike riders ar noticed sporting a sports helmet additional oftentimes. Agnes helps you discover the correct sport helmet in her sport helmets buyer’s guide.

There ar totally different sport helmets for each discipline. There ar special helmets for road bikes, mountain bikes, downhill bikes, high speed e-bikes, and youngsters. Knowing what bike you’ll be rise onto gets you a protracted means. Still, there will be major variations between numerous sport helmets.

A good sport helmet is safe!

The price of a bicycle helmet doesn’t say something concerning the security it offers. All bike helmets that we stock, from cheap to high-end, ar approved below the ecu EN1078 commonplace.

A road bike helmet has many vents therefore you'll optimally dissipate your body heat.

The special speed pedelec bike helmets naturally meet the separate NTA 8776 commonplace. A speed pedelec -or high speed e-bike- helmet has got to supply additional protection than an everyday bike helmet, since it’s easier to attain higher speeds on a high-speed e-bike.

Bike helmets with supplementary safety

Some of the high-end bike helmets do supply extra safety that more cost-effective helmets don’t. These helmets feature MIPS. browse all concerning this supplementary layer of safety during this diary.

Different types of bike helmets

When you’re buying a helmet, you’ll in all probability grasp what form of bike you’ll air whereas sporting it. you'll select for a unique form of sport helmet for each discipline, however you don’t essentially have to be compelled to.

For road bike helmets, ventilation matters, as do mechanics.

Getting onto your road bike sporting a full face downhill helmet can be thought-about overkill although. Swapping between the road bike and an everyday cycle but, you'll simply depart with victimization a similar helmet for each applications.

A Cycle helmet is a smaller amount mechanics however offers additional protection.

We list the foremost vital variations between the assorted forms of bike helmets for you, serving to you establish the execs and cons of the assorted totally different styles of helmets.

Road bike helmets: speed and ventilation

Whenever you get on your road bike, you’ll wish speed clearly, however correct ventilation matters similarly particularly on the nice and cozy days. The secret is to seek out a balance between the 2.

More vents in your helmet suggests that additional cold in frigid conditions or with associate early morning begin. The solution? A sport cap!

Often the foremost overpriced road bike helmets tend to supply the higher ventilation. It’s tougher to make a motorcycle helmet with many vents while not compromising its safety. This makes developing and producing a helmet dearer.

A more cost-effective bike helmet is commonly created employing a larger block of froth with fewer holes than a dearer helmet. Still a number of the additional high-end helmets supply only a few vents.

Road bike helmets that know all?

A great example of such a helmet is that the Kask Protone. although it doesn’t have that a lot of vents, they’re organized in such the way that the air will flow through the helmet nearly patent. this implies it'll still keep your head cool.

This bike helmet sits somewhere between well-ventilated and mechanics. better of each worlds…

The additional closed off rear and high sections build the helmet additional mechanics whereas the rounded style suggests that you'll shop around while not the helmet suddenly making additional drag.

Designing and developing a motorcycle helmet like this one takes time and cash, that shows within the worth. they need althought of each very little detail though, even fitting this explicit road bike helmet with an opulent animal skin strap below the chin.


KASK Protone £159.00

Try on a helmet?

Rather not pay a fortune on a helmet? we tend to don’t blame you. Today’s sport helmets ar created in such the way that even the more cost-effective helmets supply good ventilation and ample protection.

You do suffer slightly once it involves weight and luxury. Some individuals barely notice a heavier helmet, however in person i actually feel the helmet “sitting” on my head if it’s on the significant facet.

A bike helmet for a high-speed ebike is longer at the rear.

This is a matter of private preference although and one thing not everybody can truly feel, therefore it’s an honest plan to do some helmets on. It additionally helps you expertise the variations between numerous brands and helmets.

Going quick on a speed pedelec needs correct protection for your head, must you ever have a crash.

The artefact will build a giant distinction in match, as will the retention system and chin straps. each head may be a very little totally different, creating every helmet look and feel totally different too. we tend to thus suggest attempting out helmets to visualize that most closely fits you.

Go quicker with the mechanics Bicycle Helmets

Aim to line a brand new personal best on some time trial bike? Then you can’t do while not associate mechanics bike helmet. These helmets are developed to cause as very little drag as attainable.

Aero helmets have very little to no ventilation.

You have dedicated time trial helmets just like the KASK tiddler, POC Cerebel, and Giro Aerohead MIPS. These are designed to perform at their best in an exceedingly time trial. The aero bike helmet is totally fenced in, typically comes with a visor, and has been wind tunnel-tested to assist you accomplish your best time nonetheless.


KASK tiddler professional £199.00


POC Cerebel £179.95


Giro Aerohead MIPS £179.95

As these helmets have to be compelled to be as aerodynamically economical as attainable, you’ll notice little or no within the means of vents or exhaust ports. this implies that these bike helmets can feel heat tons quicker, creating them but appropriate for your weekly ride.

An mechanics bike helmet, however with alittle vent on either facet for improved ventilation.

Want to boost your mechanics on the bike while not having to wear a fervent time trial helmet? Then you'll want associate mechanics helmet that has been fitted with adequate ventilation.

These helmets aren’t as open in their style compared to regular bicycle helmets, however they still manage to supply ample ventilation to stay your head cool throughout a ride or race. this type of helmet is especially popular racers and advanced cyclists.

An ideal mixture of speed and comfort! nice examples embody the MET Manta, Bontrager arbalist, and BBB sport Tithon.


MET Manta £99.95


BBB sport Tithon £59.00

Mountain bike helmets

There ar specific cycle helmets for once you want the paths. These helmets ar a bit totally different from road bike helmets. as an example, a cycle helmet includes a visor at the front of the helmet that helps to stay each dirt and therefore the sun out of your eyes. Ideal for once you’re on the point of snap the trails!

The visor on the front of a cycle helmet is incredibly effective at keeping mud and sand thrown up by the front wheel out of your eyes.

Plenty of cyclists use a road bike helmet on their cycle. whereas this is often absolutely fine, we tend to do suggest employing a sport cap to stay a minimum of a number of the dirt out. or else, the visor on cycle helmets is commonly removable.

A road bike helmet on a cycle isn't uncommon.

So does one ride each a road bike and cycle? Then we’d suggest you get a mountain bike with a removable visor if you don’t wish to urge a fervent helmet for each specific sport discipline.

More protection for Mountain youth subculture

Besides having the visor on the front, cycle helmets revamped the previous couple of years have associate elongated rear section similarly. whereas you’re additional possible to slip on the road once having a crash together with your road bike, likelihood is you’ll go over or flip on your cycle.

The additional dangerous your cycle adventures ar, the additional protection you demand from your helmet.

This distinction additionally changes the impact your head would possibly endure, increasing the danger of hit the rear of your head on one thing. wish to guard the rear of your head from rocks or tree stumps? Then choose associate MTB helmet with a extended rear section.

A few cycle helmets that clearly show the distinction ar the POC Tectal Race, Giro Chronicle MIPS, and BBB sport Varallo.


Giro Chronicle MIPS £59.95

Bike helmets for daredevils

In the habit of pushing the bounds even any, and is “regular” mountain biking not enough to urge your blood pumping? Then a fullface helmet may be a should. The name of this sort of helmet says it all really: it protects your entire head and face!

Not ideal for road sport, however essential for downhill mountain youth subculture.

Especially essential once you’re within the habit of thundering down a mountain as quick as you'll. The fullface helmet encloses your entire head and includes a chin guard to guard your teeth and chin within the event of a crash.

This way you create positive that in spite of however laborious you crash, your head stays in one piece. we tend to do suggest you wear full protection to stay the remainder of your body safe similarly.


Bell Sanction From £44.60

Bike helmets for prime speed e-bikes

In the Netherlands, high speed e-bikes -or speed pedelecs- are getting more and more in style. This year, the govt. introduced a required helmet law specifically for these bikes. Regular bike helmets don’t supply ample protection for the speeds these high speed e-bikes ar capable of reaching. It’s why the special Speed Pedelec helmet has been introduced.

A Speed Pedelec helmet offers additional protection round the temples associated has an extended rear section.

These bike helmets will face up to additional extreme impacts, ar slightly larger, associated have an extended rear section. In many ways they give the impression of being kind of like cycle helmets.


Abus Pedelec+ £69.95

Children’s bicycle helmets

We’ve got specific children’s bike helmets in our assortment for the terribly youngest of riders. These helmets have a far smaller match. Naturally, they boast several nice colors and prints therefore youngsters truly fancy sporting their helmet.

Best toddler bike helmet are available all colors.

Children ar notably possible to crash their bikes, and their heads ar additional vulnerable similarly. once buying a motorcycle helmet for your kid, the right match is of absolute importance. It’s tempting to shop for a rather larger helmet, reckoning they’ll grow into it, however this negates the protecting properties a helmet would ordinarily supply.

Never get a helmet for a toddler to grow into, it's to suit absolutely. A bicycle helmet that is simply too loosely fitted can supply solely a fraction of the protection you’d otherwise expect.

If a motorcycle helmet is simply too loose, it’ll slide forward or backward within the event of a crash, nullifying the protecting properties. luckily youngsters bike helmets ar competitively priced, that means you'll get fitting helmets as your kid grows up.

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